At the Hacking Law Practice, our St Louis deportation lawyers help people who have chosen to come to America for a number of reasons.

Some are here for the great opportunities that this country affords its citizens. Others want to be here to support their families. And sadly, there also are those people who flee their home countries and come here in an attempt to save themselves and their loved ones from persecution or other unethical practices.  When facing deportation, it is important to get in touch with a skilled St Louis immigration attorney. En Español.

Reasons for Deportation in St Louis

And when faced with the possibility of deportation in St. Louis, you may feel that your life and everything you’ve built here are in danger.

You may think that your established life will protect against deportation. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you are not a United States citizen.

Non-citizens can face deportation, regardless of the following factors:

  • Number of family members who are U.S. citizens, even in the same household;
  • The fact that you have worked for a steady period of time in the U.S.;
  • Payment of taxes;
  • Length of time you have lived in America;
  • Contributions to the community;
  • Immigration status.

You need an experienced St Louis deportation attorney to help you. Enlisting someone with extensive experience in fighting for the rights of those facing deportation may make the difference between staying in this country and having to restart your life back home.

Contact Our St Louis Deportation Defense Lawyers

Missouri deportation defense attorney Jim Hacking will use specific strategies to help you prove that you should be allowed to stay in the United States. These include:

  • Proving that the stated reason for the deportation is incorrect: If you have lived in the United States for a number of years and are considered lawful, then there is a chance that we can help you prove that you should be allowed to stay. If you are facing criminal deportation, then we can help you prove that the offense is not one that should be cause for deportation.
  • Challenging criminal charges: Attempting to reopen criminal cases is another way to fight deportation. Depending on your situation and criminal record, it may also be possible to have you released on bond.
  • Requesting asylum or deportation cancellation: In some circumstances, it is possible to request that the deportation be waived if you face forms of torture in your home country.

It is very difficult to be allowed back into America after you have been deported. That is why it is imperative to order your free copy of attorney Jim Hacking’s new book, Ten Mistakes People Make When Dealing with Immigration, in order to protect your right to stay in the United States. Order your free copy today by calling (314) 961-8200 or by filling out our online book request form.

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