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St. Louis Temporary Employment Visas Lawyer

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Temporary work visas are those that allow immigrants to stay in the United States temporarily for employment purposes. In some cases, immigrants may directly petition United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a temporary work visa. In other cases, the employer must file the petition on the employee’s behalf.

If you are pursuing a temporary employment visa to work in the United States, an attorney from Hacking Law Practice, LLC may be able to help you through the process. A St. Louis temporary employment visas lawyer could identify the proper visa that you need and could assist you with the application process.

Common Types of Temporary Employment Visas

Most temporary work visas are called “H” type visas. “H” visas have several classifications, including the following:

  • H-1A visas which are applicable to individuals who wish to work as registered nurses in the United States
  • H-1B visas which are applicable to individuals who wish to come to America to work in a specialty or “professional” occupation. To qualify for an H-1B work visa, the applicant must have received a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and the position must require a four-year degree.
  • H-2 visas which applicable to individuals who wish to come to America to work in an agricultural occupation

For an immigrant to qualify for an “H” type visa, a United States employer must have already made them an offer. Additionally, the wage must be comparable to similar positions associated with that occupation. Finally, to obtain an H-2 visa, the employer must demonstrate that no other workers in the United States is willing, available, or qualified to take on the position. A lawyer in St. Louis could help an employer or an immigrant determine which type of temporary employment visa best fits their situation.

Potential Problems with “H” Type Visas

“H” classification visas have several potential problems associated with them. Just because an immigrant receives an “H” visa does not always mean that they can enter the country immediately. If the USCIS gives out a certain number of these visas in a year, USCIS may defer the immigrant’s entry into the United States to a later date. Similarly, many “H” visas have long processing times, and USCIS processes certain classifications of “H” visas sooner than others. A St. Louis attorney could help someone who may be facing challenges when applying for a temporary employment visa.

Other Temporary Employment Visas

Other types of work visas besides the “H” visa allow immigrants to work in the United States on a temporary basis. For example, an L-1 visa allows employees of a foreign company to work in the United States office for that same company. L-1 visas are especially applicable to managers, executives, and other individuals who possess certain specialized knowledge.

In addition to the L-1 visa, O, P, and R visas allow for non-permanent employment within the United States. O visas apply to immigrants who possess extraordinary artistic, athletic, business, educational, and scientific talents and who have received national or international acclaim. P visas are applicable to notable entertainment groups and athletic teams that have obtained national or international recognition. R visas are applicable to religious workers who come to work for a U.S. branch of their religious denomination. 

Hire a St. Louis Temporary Employment Visas Attorney

Obtaining a temporary employment visa can be a confusing process. A St. Louis temporary employment visas lawyer could help you pursue the petition that best suits your unique circumstances. For help with your case, call today.

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