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Applying For Family Preference Visas in St. Louis

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Applying for family preference visas in St. Louis is a complex procedure, however, an experienced immigration lawyer could assist you every step of the way and answer any questions. A seasoned lawyer who is knowledgeable about family preference visas could ensure that you have the necessary documents for a successful application. If you are looking to apply for a family preference visa, contact a dedicated legal professional today.

Documents Needed When Applying for Family Preference Visas

In any family-based preference category, the individual needs to establish the relationship of the person they are sponsoring with the necessary documents. The most important document is the birth certificate or other government documents that establish the relationship between the person who is applying (the petitioner) and the person receiving the benefit (the beneficiary).

A person’s primary burden is to establish the relationship. When they cannot establish the relationship, no green card or visa is issued. When a marriage is involved, the individual must establish the marriage documents and show the actual connection between the parties. Submitting pictures of the petitioner and the beneficiary can also be an important part of the process.

When applying for family preference visas in St. Louis, the individual always needs to prove their case. They must establish that they and the other beneficiary are eligible, related, and worthy of receiving the benefit to the satisfaction of Immigration Services.

Complex Aspects of the Application Process

Applying for family preference visas in St. Louis can be a difficult process. When applying, the individual has to deal with two federal agencies, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Department. Unfortunately, the two agencies do not always communicate well with each other and do not explain in a rational and simple way how to complete the form. The application process can be even more difficult when English is not the individual's first language.

There are many situations where people file an application and miss one document or one form, which puts their case at risk because they have not submitted the right documents. There are many complex aspects to the application process, which is why it is important for one to retain the services of a well-trained immigration lawyer.

Interviewing Procedure

When someone wants to adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident, in most cases, they have an interview with Immigration Services. This was not always the case, but currently, when a U.S. citizen sponsors their parents, there is an interview. If a person is sponsoring their brother and sister who are overseas, that will involve an interview at the embassy after the case is approved by USCIS and the National Visa Center.

The interview usually only involves the principal beneficiaries. When a U.S. citizen sponsors their brother and the brother's wife and children are also going to arrive, usually, the named beneficiary is called in for the interview.

How a St. Louis Immigration Attorney Could Help

Immigration laws and regulations are quite complicated. However, a seasoned immigration lawyer could assist you with applying for family preference visas in St. Louis. An attorney could ensure that you take the necessary steps to you need to in order to have a successful application. Call today to set up a consultation so that you can get started on the application process.

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