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Benefits of Hiring a St. Louis, MO Immigration Delay Lawyer

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Our attorneys have years of experience working in the federal immigration system. Because of that, we know how to litigate immigration delay cases, and how to get results. If your application has been delayed, it may be helpful to work with a legal professional.

There are many benefits of hiring a St. Louis, MO immigration delay lawyer. However, the largest is that we know how to get results, especially on cases delayed by the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program (CARRP). Call an experienced immigration delay attorney today and set up a consultation.

The Approach an Attorney Will Take

The Hacking Immigration Law, LLC does not threaten to sue. We do not send a letter with a draft lawsuit. We simply sue. The only action that starts that clock is paying the $400 filing fee and getting the defendants served.

We have developed a system which gets the lawsuit on file in a quick and efficient manner. We use an efficient system and we work every day to make it better to help those with delayed applications get results.

That is probably one of the benefits of hiring a St. Louis, MO immigration delay lawyer. We know our method works and can use it to help you get the results you need. Although suing the federal government may seem daunting, by working with a practiced immigration attorney you can know that someone is working for you to get results. You need an attorney with the specific experience of suing USCIS successfully. We have sued USCIS nearly 200 times.

The Process of Working with an Immigration Lawyer

When you work with a St. Louis, MO immigration lawyer, you can shift the burden of carrying the weight of this delay from your own shoulders to our office. We can handle your worries so you do not have to try to figure out what to do next.

You should also see movement on your case. You may be asked to provide additional documents, to show up for another interview or to go to your naturalization interview. Either way, the case should stop being stalled and you should get a decision.

Working with an immigration attorney may help lower your anxiety. Since a professional is handling your case, you can stop doubting yourself or blaming yourself for this delay. It also is no longer necessary to make any more InfoPass appointments and can stop calling USCIS or your members of Congress when an attorney is handling the process.

Finally, you will get a decision on your long-delayed naturalization case and hopefully begin enjoying everything that being a citizen entails - voting, sponsoring family members and being able to travel on a U.S. passport. No one should have to face a delay but when they do, an attorney can help.

Learn More About the Advantages of Working with a St. Louis, MO Immigration Delay Attorney

There are many benefits to hiring a St. Louis, MO immigration attorney, especially when you have been waiting for an answer for an extended period of time. Our attorneys can file suit so you can get answers. If you have had enough with the frustration, the headaches, and the pain of not getting a decision, call today. An attorney can explain what they can do to help you and get you on the path to a decision.

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