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Self-Help for Applications Delayed By CARRP

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There are many self-help methods that lawful permanent residents can try to use to get some movement on their immigration cases when they are being delayed by the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program (CARRP). These methods rarely work. In fact, the most effective way to secure help may be to work with a skilled St. Louis, MO immigration delay lawyer.

A practiced attorney has experience with the various self-help methods for applications delayed by CARRP can guide you toward the most effective method. An experienced legal professional at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC can help you understand the self-help and other methods of moving your case forward that are available to you so you can determine your next steps. We can help you learn as to why these things do not work.

Calling the 1-800 Number for CARRP

USCIS maintains a toll-free number that people can call to ask about their immigration case. Government contractors answer the phone, but these operators usually have very little access to actual case files.

The operators have the ability to start a service request on a particular delayed citizenship case, but those service requests rarely lead to any meaningful information. You may get a letter in the mail saying that the service request is underway, but our immigration attorneys have yet to hear of anyone actually resolving a long-delayed case through a USCIS service request.

InfoPass Services for Naturalization Applicants

At many local USCIS field offices, people can log in to a computer system and make an appointment to see a USCIS officer and ask about their case. The name of this program is InfoPass.

While many of the people working at the USCIS InfoPass appointments are well-intentioned, they often give out incorrect advice. On rare occasions, the InfoPass officer may be able to reach out directly to the officer handling your immigration case, but this does not usually translate to an actual decision on your case - which is what you are truly after. InfoPass takes time out of your busy day and rarely leads to a final disposition on your case.

Reaching Out for Congressional Assistance in St. Louis, MO

Many people think that if they can get a U.S. Senator or Congressman to get involved in their case, then USCIS will start working on the case again. Sadly, this usually is not the truth.

Usually, an immigration liaison from the Congressperson’s office fills out a form (similar to a USCIS service request that you already filed) and sends it off to the agency. Months later, USCIS writes back and says that the case is under background check or supervisor review. This is usually an indication the application is being reviewed by CARRP. Speak with a dedicated lawyer for more information about self-help for applications delayed by CARRP.

A St. Louis, MO Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Self-Help Options

We understand your frustration, your anxiety and, frankly, your sadness over having your citizenship case delayed. We also know how these efforts usually lead nowhere. That is why we are so passionate about helping people like you. We can help you fully understand your rights and options so you can work towards getting the answer you need. If you have tried the self-help methods for applications delayed by CARRP, speak with a skilled immigration attorney in St. Louis, MO who can help. We can file a lawsuit to get your case moving again towards resolution.

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