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Vicky Becomes a Citizen!

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About 4 years ago, Vicky and Trish came to see us. They were getting married and Trish wanted to sponsor Vicky for a green card.

We helped them out with that and obtained a two-year green card for Vicky based on her marriage to a U.S. citizen.

At the end of those two years, we filed an I-751 application to remove the conditions on Vicky's green card and get her a 10 year green card and lawful permanent resident status. That case was also approved.

Around that time, Vicky became eligible to apply for citizenship. The spouses of U.S. citizens do not have to wait 5 years to apply for citizenship. They can apply after three years.

We filed for Vicky's naturalization last year. Amany Ragab Hacking handled the interview and everything went well.

Yesterday, in a ceremony at The Magic House, Vicky became a U.S. citizen. Congratulations to her and to Trish.

We are lucky to have been able to walk this journey with you and we consider you good friends.

Let's hear it for Vicky, folks!


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