The U.S. allows those people who fear persecution in their home country due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group to seek asylum (refuge) in America.

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Citizenship / Naturalization

Obtaining your U.S. citizenship is the final step of the immigration process. But don't assume that naturalization is as straightforward as it seems. Many permanent residents have found out the hard way that a citizenship application can go wrong and possibly lead to deportation.

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Deportation Defense

If you or a loved one is facing deportation back to your home country, it could be for any number of reasons. The government deports hundreds of thousands of people from the U.S. every year. But there may be a defense to your deportation - don't try and fight it alone.

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Employment Visas

As your company grows, you may want to hire foreign workers to help your company take the next step. Under current immigration law, you can apply for a nonimmigrant visa so as to allow that individual to come to, or remain in, the United States. Later, you can sponsor that person for permanent resident status. Find out how instituting an intelligent visa strategy can help maximize your chances of success at USCIS.

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Family Based Visas

We help American citizens sponsor a spouse or fiance to come to the U.S. Another large part of our practice involves helping a foreign national already in the U.S. who has married an American citizen to obtain lawful permanent resident status. Helping families stay together is one of the most fulfilling parts of our job.

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Green Card – LPR Status

Obtaining lawful permanent resident ("LPR") status, or a "green card", is another step towards citizenship. In many cases, it is more difficult to obtain LPR status than citizenship. Read about the various ways that you may be eligible for a green card and to find out how the Hacking Law Practice can help you achieve this important immigration goal.

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Immigration Delay Litigation

Have you been waiting too long for naturalization or for your green card? Our clients tell us that InfoPass appointments, calling the USCIS 1-800 number and sending letter after letter does no good when trying to get USCIS to act on an application. Learn how asserting your rights in federal court can lead to the one thing you want - action - from USCIS.

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I-9 Compliance

Individuals who want to work in the United States must have authorization to do so. Federal statutes and regulations, as well as an increasing number of state laws, govern this complex area of the law. The verification process can be complicated and confusing. The Hacking Law Practice, LLC, works with employers to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

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Top 10 Immigration Mistakes

Click here to download a free copy of Jim’s book on the ten ways that people screw up their immigration case.

Staying Here – Immigration Book

Want to learn the path to finding your dream job and the rules governing how you can stay in the U.S. on a work visa? Get this free book.

Fiance & Spouse Visa Report

Discover the 7 Questions that You Must Answer Before Filing For A Visa For Your Fiance or Spouse

Hacking Law Practice

Regardless of your reasons for choosing to come to the United States, there are few things other than your family, job, health, and well-being that are more important than ensuring your ability to stay.

You are proud to live in the U.S., and we are glad you are here. But along with the clearance to live and work in this great country comes a complicated world of paperwork and laws that is often difficult to navigate. This can be especially challenging when you are facing a language barrier or serious legal roadblocks.

Tough spouse visa case got approved

My husband applied for change of status through marriage. Our situation was more complicated than common cases so we came ...

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Thanks for helping green card for my spouse.

We chose to use a lawyer to help us prepare for and help us through the application and interview for ...

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Satisfied Client Recommends St. Louis Attorney Jim Hacking

I was referred to the Hacking Law Practice by a family member who wanted to make sure that my case ...

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Another Recommendation for the St. Louis Missouri Immigration Firm

We have had a wonderful experience with the Hacking Law Practice. We were looking for an immigration lawyer to help ...

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Client grateful for help with tricky citizenship case.

Dear Mr. Jim Hacking, I want to express my thanks to you for assisting me in this legal situation. Thank ...

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Recommendation from publishing platform The Crescent Post

Having dealt with many lawyers in my professional career, there is nobody that I would recommend more than Jim Hacking ...

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2016 American Nobel Prize Winners are Immigrants

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At a time when immigration is in the spotlight and under attack by many critics, it is ironic that all ...

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What if I Flunk my Immigration Drug Test?

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What happens if my fiance or spouse fails their drug test at the embassy appointed doctor? Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, ...

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How Do I Find an H1b Employer?

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How do I find an employer who’s willing to sponsor me for an H1B employment visa? Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, ...

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Former Las Vegas resident indicted in immigration fraud scam

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As if aspiring immigrants don’t already have enough on their plate to be worried about, immigration attorney fraud is all ...

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Does Mandamus Only Work in Delayed Citizenship Cases?

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USCIS Announces Steep Filing Fee Increases

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS has announced an increase to many of the fees associated with filing ...

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