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The attorneys at the Hacking Immigration Law are dedicated to helping the foreign-born people of St. Louis to live and work in the United States. This dedication is reflected in the kind and grateful words of the clients they have helped. Read what others have to say about the hard work that the Hacking Immigration Law has done to help those in St. Louis.

What is a Notice to Appear (NTA) and what does it mean for immigrants who receive one?

If you or a family member have been served with a Notice to Appear, it is a very serious matter. NTA's are the document that is served on an alien to advise them that deportation proceedings have begun.

Can my asylum case ever be cancelled?

Yes. Unless you have obtained a “green card” or lawful permanent resident status, you could lose your asylum status as well as the derivative asylum status given to your spouse and children if

In 1996 congress passed a law and president bill clinton signed it which imposed harsh penalties on immigrants who had accrued unlawful presence the law went into effect in april of 1997 unlawful

Newly married couples sometimes have difficulty in proving the validity of their marriage. After all, how much evidence can you actually have when you are just getting started on your life together.

What is "unlawful presence" and how does that lead to a 3 or 10 year bar?

In 1996, Congress passed a law and President Bill Clinton signed it which imposed harsh penalties on immigrants who had accrued unlawful presence.

What is a "frivolous" asylum application?

People often want to know "what does it mean when USCIS says an asylum application was frivolous?"der the federal regulations, asylum seekers can get in trouble if they file a "knowingly frivolous" application.

What are biometrics?

You may be wondering what - exactly - are biometrics? Biometrics is just a fancy word for an appointment at USCIS for you to be fingerprinted and photographed.

Is the asylum interview supposed to be an adversarial interrogation?

Federal regulations require that an asylum interview not be adversarial. That means that the officer is not supposed to be battling with, nor antagonizing, the person being interviwed.

If I sponsor my brother or sister for an immigrant visa, can they bring their spouse and/or their children?

Callers to our office and visitors to our website always have questions regarding whether their sibling will be able to bring a spouse and/or children with them when they come to the U.S.

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Sriram Devanathan

im is a great attorney who always has his human side “ON”. The clients come first to him. When approached for time sensitive issues, he was readily available and was prompt. I have had to reach out to him for myself & have recommended him to others. He always welcomed everyone and gave patient hearing. And he would not mind recommending other attorneys’ if he feels that they would better serve that particular case. Even if it means one less client for him. That sums up who Jim is. Thank you Jim!

Justin Charboneau

Jim and his team are extremely knowledgeable individuals. It is great to have someone like this on your side. I have and will continue to recommend Hacking Law Practice, LLC to anyone who needs legal advice on immigration issues.

Bouchra Aanouz

This firm was amazing helping me with my husband’s case. Jim and his team were very responsive to all my questions and concerns. i wish I had consulted them earlier as my husband’s case was stuck in Administrative Processing for over a year and a half. Two months after I gave my case to Jim, my husband was granted his visa. Would definitely recommend them and already have recommended them to my friends.

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