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Tips to Accurately Complete the N-400 Naturalization Form

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Citizenship and the interview is the last chance the immigration service has to decide whether or not someone gets to stay in the country. Once they are naturalized, it is difficult to denaturalize and take away their citizenship. Additionally, it is almost impossible for USCIS to deport someone unless they have first stripped this person of their citizenship. While the N-400 can appear deceptively simple, each of the questions is related to a specific area of the law that could prevent someone from being able to get their citizenship. Because of the importance of this process, our attorneys have created several tips to accurately complete the N-400 Naturalization form.

1. Take your time. You do not want to be rushing through the N-400 form and you do not want to be making mistakes and filling it out haphazardly. You want to make sure that all of the information that is provided is correct.

2. Gather all of the identifying documents that you are going to need ahead of time. All of these kinds of documents are what you are going to need to correctly complete the N-400 form.

3. Read each question carefully. All of the questions are designed to determine whether or not you might not be eligible for naturalization. There are a lot of strange questions that have what you may think are obvious answers. For instance, there is a statutory requirement that a naturalization candidate show that they have been a person of good moral character for five years. There are a series of questions that are devoted to that question. Therefore, you may get in the habit of just clicking or boxing out the same response for each question, which could lead to incorrect answers.

4. Make your application as neat as possible. The best way to do this is to prepare it on the computer.

5. Keep a copy of the naturalization application for your own records. This gives you a record of what you have submitted to the Immigration Service just in case there are any future issues.

6. When you are complete the N-400 you should send it by some form of trackable mail, with a tracking number so that you can confirm that it was received by the Immigration Service.

7. Do not file too early. Applicants for naturalization can only apply 90 days early. Completing form N-400 could result in the USCIS sending the application back, resulting in a waste in time and money on the applicant’s part.

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Download Free Guide 2022 Immigrant’s Guide to Becoming a U.S. Citizen

This guide contains all you need to know
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