Benefits of Becoming a Citizen in San Diego

It can take a great deal of time, effort, and money to become of a citizen of the United States. Despite all of these challenges however, there are many benefits of becoming a citizen in San Diego. Our dedicated team of attorneys at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC could guide you through the citizenship process and work hard to secure your future in this country.

Obtaining the Right to Vote

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a citizen is being eligible to vote in all federal and local elections in San Diego. Being able to vote allows immigrants to voice their opinions about important issues that impact their community. Additionally, participating in elections is one of the most direct ways in which naturalized citizens can have a say on immigration policy. Lastly, naturalization also allows these individuals to serve as elected officials in many capacities.

Benefits to Family Members of Citizens

In San Diego, becoming a citizen also could provide benefits to family members.  For instance, naturalized citizens could help family members immigrate to the United States as these petitions rank higher than those who do not have any family connections to a US citizen. Additionally, immigration petitions for immediate family members of citizens are not subject to the yearly numerical limits that apply to petitions for the immediate family members of residents with LPR status. Finally, naturalization could make it easier for children of immigrants as children born to citizens are automatically considered citizens themselves, even if they were born abroad.

Travel is Simplified with Citizenship

Foreign nationals who immigrate and become naturalized citizens in San Diego enjoy many benefits while traveling abroad. To begin with, they can obtain a U.S. passport, which allows them to travel to many countries without a visa. In addition, if trouble arises, a citizen may obtain assistance from the government while traveling outside the country.

Those traveling abroad with LPR status may have numerous concerns that do not apply to those with citizenship. For instance, when residents with LPR status remain outside the country for too long, these individuals may be considered to have abandoned their green cards. If they seek to return to the U.S. to work or for other purposes, they may have to start all over with the process of obtaining lawful permanent resident status.

Citizens are not restricted in the length of time they remain abroad, they do not need to obtain a re-entry permit, and they run little risk of losing their status. Moreover, they do not face the risk of deportation unless they obtained LPR status or citizenship through fraudulent means.

Learn More About the Benefits of Becoming of Citizen from a San Diego Lawyer

In addition to the many practical benefits of becoming a citizen in San Diego, naturalization provides a legal connection between you and the life that you have built in the United States. Our team is proud to have helped so many individuals become permanent citizens of this country. To determine if you have eligible to begin this process, contact our office today and schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced citizenship attorneys.