Naturalization Interview in San Diego

When you arrive at the interview, you will be asked to turn off your cell phone or leave it out in the hall. Then, the officer will swear you in their office and take an oath that everything you tell the officer will be true. Many officers typically like to start off with the exam. During the exam, the officer will ask you the civics questions and once you get six right, the exam is over and that part is approved.

After that, the officers are going to go over all of your biographical information and they will talk to you about your immigration history. Typically, the whole interview takes about 15-20 minutes. Last is the oath of allegiance, which is a promise made by the applicant that they are going to give up any kind of connection or allegiance they have to their home country. This part tells the officer that you intend to be there for the United States in the future. An attorney from our firm could further explain what to expect during the naturalization interview in San Diego.

Tips for a Successful Naturalization Interview

During the naturalization interview, applicants in San Diego should be prepared. Therefore, applicants should make sure that they have everything they need when they go into their interview. Applicants should make a copy of everything they plan to give to the officer before the interview.

Additionally, applicants should get a good night’s sleep. Some of these interviews start as early as 7:30 in the morning. Getting a full night of sleep could help someone feel more awake when they go into the interview, and less fog headed.

Applicants should go to the immigration office before the day of the interview. This allows individuals to have a better idea of where they are going and makes it less likely that a person could get lost and be late for their naturalization interview. Our attorneys suggest that applicants arrive about 30 minutes early to the interview in professional attire so that they can decompress and focus on the task at hand.

When someone is in the interview itself, it is important to listen to the questions that are asked and to think about the answer before responding. All answers should be taken seriously. Show the officer respect and they will show respect in return. Finally, interviewees should be confident in their answers and avoid potential bullying from the officer giving the interview.

What is a Good Answer at a USCIS Interview?

There are various questions that an applicant should expect during a naturalization interview in San Diego. Individuals should remember to only answer the question that is being asked. Do not try to anticipate the questions that are going to be asked next. The goal should be to answer the question as quickly and concisely as possible. It is important to remember that it is not a conversation with the officer, it is a serious and formal interview.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Immigration Interview

There are various mistakes that applicant should know to avoid before going their naturalization interview in San Diego. Firstly, applicants should avoid forgetting any important documentation. Before leaving for the interview, applicants should go over the list that USCIS sends and triple check that they have all of their paper work.

Applicants should also avoid guessing during the interview. Especially when English is not someone’s primary language, it can be easy to misunderstand what the officer is asking. If an applicant does not understand the question, they should ask the officer to restate it. Answering incorrectly can disqualify this person from naturalization. It is extremely important to not interrupt the officer. Each officer has their own rhythm, their own quirks, and their own ways of doing things. Go with the flow of what the officer is asking and answer concisely. Interrupting the officer could make them upset.

Never lie to the immigration officer. Lying to an officer can permanently disqualify someone from ever receiving an immigration benefit. This is one of the reasons why it is good for an applicant to have an immigration lawyer prepare them.

Contact a San Diego Attorney to Learn More About the Naturalization Interview

When going from the naturalization interview in San Diego, it is important to remember that you have every right to be in that immigration office to ask for the benefit for which you are seeking. There is no reason to be nervous. There is no reason to be worried. If you have properly prepared, reviewed your application and know the answers to the questions, you should be well-suited to pass your interview with flying colors and to get the immigration benefit that you want. Our team is dedicated to helping you with this important step of the immigration process.