San Diego Student Visa Lawyer

Student visas offer international individuals an opportunity to study and live in the United States for a limited period and specific purpose. This type of visa can be challenging to obtain as the process can be complicated, technical, and detailed.

Students need to understand the requirements involved in the visa process and the type of visa for which they are seeking, which an immigration attorney could help them determine. Call a San Diego student visa lawyer at Hacking Law Practice, LLC today to discuss your case.

Types of Student Visas

Different types of student visas apply in different circumstances. One of the first steps a student should take when pursuing a visa is to understand which type they need.


An F-1 visa allows full-time students to study in the United States and work on campus for at most 20 hours a week. An F-2 visa applies to the dependents of a person holding an F-1 visa and allows these family members to remain in the United States. F-3 visas give border commuters from Canada and Mexico the opportunity to cross into the United States to attend school.


M-1 visas apply in cases of nonacademic studies. Students pursuing vocational programs can apply for these visas. Like F-2 category visas, M-2 visas allow dependants to remain in the United States, and M-3 visas offer an opportunity for border commuters.


J visas are the third category of student visas and offer an opportunity for international exchange visitors with the aim of promoting cultural programs. J-1 visas apply to the participant, and a J-2 visa offers an opportunity to dependents to move with their family member.

It is important for immigrant students to understand which visa may work best in their situation and what privileges each offers. Any students with questions about the different types of visas speak to a lawyer in San Diego.

Applying for a Student Visa

To obtain a student visa, applicants must demonstrate that a qualifying university, vocational program, or other institution accepted them into an educational program. Additionally, students applying for a visa must able to show that they meet the language requirements or that upon arriving they will be enrolled in English courses as a part of their educational program.

Applicants must also demonstrate their ability to cover their financial needs and indicate that they do not plan to remain in the United States at the completion of their studies. It is crucial for students to speak to a lawyer in San Diego about applying for a visa as soon as they receive acceptance from an educational program.

The government may deny a student visa if the applicant does not meet one of the requirements or fails a security check. Additionally, students who apply for a visa after the start date of their program might face a denial.

Speak to an Attorney About Student Visas in San Diego

Studying in the United States is an exciting opportunity for many international students each year. Still, the process of obtaining a visa can be burdensome and technical. Fortunately, you do not have to confront the application process on your own. Call a San Diego student visa lawyer today to discuss your case and your options.