Determining Immigration Status in San Diego

Deciding that you want to move permanently to the United States or seek legal status is just the first step in a lengthy and complicated process. The next step is figuring out whether you meet all the criteria necessary to achieve lawful immigrant status. Then, you must ensure that you maintain that status throughout the application process.

Whether you have already submitted an application for an immigrant visa or are still unsure about whether you are eligible to do so, determining immigration status in San Diego may be essential to preserving your future plans and prospects. A knowledgeable immigration attorney could offer clarification about specific eligibility requirements or help you establish the status of your immigration petition as necessary.

Basic Requirements for an Immigrant Visa

No matter where they start the application process from, the most important prerequisite for almost all prospective immigrants to the U.S. is sponsorship from a current citizen or permanent resident. This sponsor is typically either a close family member or an employer intending to hire the prospective immigrant. Different methods of sponsorship require slightly different application procedures that a legal professional could explain.

Beyond that, prospective applicants must also be admissible to the United States, which means they must meet all the following criteria as established under the Immigration and Nationality Act:

  • Free of any communicable diseases, potentially harmful physical or mental disorders, and drug addictions, and have received all necessary immunizations
  • No history of criminal convictions for serious felonies or crimes of moral turpitude
  • No indication that they would present a threat to public safety or national security
  • Unlikely to become a public charge, or someone who is dependent on publicly funded government benefits
  • No history of prior removal from the U.S. based on violations of immigration law
  • Their petition is free of intentional fraud or misrepresentations

Certain immigrants may also need to meet labor certification requirements, and there are a few miscellaneous grounds for inadmissibility that may impact eligibility. A qualified attorney could provide crucial assistance when it comes to determining immigration status in San Diego based on these criteria.

Checking on the Status of an Active Application

A person who has already applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status can check what stage of processing their petition has reached by using the Case Status online tool provided by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. Applicants will need their submission receipt number, which is the 13-digit code present on all notices sent by USCIS regarding an individual applicant’s case.

Using this tool to determine the status of a San Diego immigration petition does not positively or negatively impact processing time or the odds that an applicant will receive a positive response from USCIS. However, it can be a helpful way for prospective immigrants to keep track of their petition and ensure they are aware of ongoing developments.

A San Diego Attorney Could Assist with Determining Immigration Status

Knowing your immigration status is just one part of a comprehensive and time-consuming endeavor. While it is critical to understand exactly what qualifications you must have and exactly what each part of the application process entails, it is often just as critical to have trustworthy professional guidance from start to finish.

Determining immigration status in San Diego could be much easier with support from a knowledgeable legal professional. Learn more by calling today.