Facing Case Denial from the USCIS in San Diego

Most people think that if they do everything correctly, then USCIS will approve their case. Unfortunately, that is not always true. The government wants to deny your case, and they are looking for ways to do so. This is especially true if you are from certain countries around the world, specifically the Middle East or South Asia. It is important to keep this mind whenever you are dealing with the federal government in regards to immigration. Many people come to us surprised that their case has been denied because the USCIS went out of their way to contrive or find minor fault in their application. For example, our team has have seen the USCIS deny cases due to traffic tickets as well as fake statements. Applicants can also get denied for inadvertent mistakes. As a result, you should not go into this process without protection. If you are facing case denial from the USCIS in San Diego, do not hesitate to reach out to the skilled immigration attorneys at Hacking Law Practice, LLC.

What to Do if USCIS Wrongfully Denies a Case?

USCIS loves to intimidate the applicants, and they do it by throwing in useless extra text in the denial so it looks longer and the applicant gets scared. As such, it is important for potential immigrants to study their denial closely and find out what exactly USCIS is saying the problem is.

The first step that an applicant in San Diego should take if they are facing denial for their case is to make a copy of their notice and then go through and highlight the parts of the letter that are actually about the case. This could be done with the help of an experienced attorney. USCIS throws in a lot of extra information in these denial letters to make applicants believe that the decision is legitimate and cannot be appealed. When going line by line to determine what the problem is, applicants may most likely find that it is only three or four sentences out of the entire letter that are actually about their denial.

Mistakes Made by USCIS

USCIS does not like to admit that they make mistakes, and it is hard to get this organization to fix them. Therefore, if a case was denied because USCIS made a mistake, an applicant in San Diego must provide proof of that it was their error. For big mistakes, the applicant can either file a lawsuit to challenge the decision in federal court, or they can go through the appeals process either to the administrative appeals office or to the Board of Immigration Appeals depending on what kind of case it is. Generally, getting USCIS to acknowledge or admit a mistake is difficult. If we think USCIS made a mistake, we may refile it with an explanation as to what mistake they are making. This can be difficult and problematic. Sometimes it is easier to just go along with what they are saying or just to refile and get a new case started. Every mistake and every case is different, so definitely consult with a lawyer.

Contact a San Diego Attorney When Facing Case Denial from the USCIS

Regardless of the reasons for choosing to come to the United States, there are few things other than your family, job, health, and well-being that are more important than ensuring the ability to stay. Still, along with the clearance to live and work in this great country comes a complicated world of paperwork and laws that is often difficult to navigate. This can be especially challenging when you are facing a language barrier or serious legal roadblocks. The immigration attorneys at our firm are dedicated to helping people navigate the complicated regulations and bureaucracy of USCIS. When facing case denial from the USCIS in San Diego, our attorneys  could provide individuals looking for immigration help with the greatest amount of information that they can get in order to make an informed decision. For more information about how our team could help you with the immigration process as well as any other legal challenges, schedule a consultation with an attorney at our firm.