If green cardholders wish to spend at least one year outside the country, they should obtain a reentry permit. A reentry permit is necessary because it may be used as evidence to immigration officials that these individuals do not wish to give up their United States residency when traveling abroad.

If you are a current green card holder but anticipate living outside the country for an extended period of time, you should get in touch with an attorney from Hacking Immigration Law, LLC. A San Diego reentry permit lawyer could answer all of your legal questions and start you on your way to obtaining the documentation you need.

Applying for a Reentry Permit in San Diego

To obtain a reentry permit, a green card holder must first fill out the proper application and complete a series of legal steps. An individual must file the reentry permit application prior to extended travel outside of the United States. Applicants must complete a Form I-131, which United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issues. This form also pertains to other types of travel document applications. Therefore, applicants should only complete the portions which apply to them. Applicants must also complete the following steps:

  • Obtain a copy of the green card or passport page that shows admission to the United States as a permanent resident
  • Pay the necessary reentry application fee
  • Pay the necessary biometrics fee
  • Obtain two passport-style color photographs
  • Submit their applications to USCIS via regular mail

USCIS typically takes 90 days or more to make a final decision about whether to grant or deny a reentry permit. Consequently, applicants should apply at least 60 days before they depart for their destination outside the United States.

In most circumstances, these permits to the United States is valid for two years from the date the government issues the permit. Unfortunately, a green card holder may not extend the amount of time on their reentry permit. Once the permit expires, they must return to the U.S. and apply for a new one. A San Diego lawyer could help someone with the process of applying for a reentry permit.

Reasons for Denial of a Reentry Permit Application

USCIS has the discretion to deny a reentry permit for any reason. USCIS may deny an application if the applicant still has a valid reentry document in their possession or if the applicant forgets to include the necessary fee with their application. An applicant may be able to appeal a denial within 33 days of receiving their final denial letter from USCIS. An attorney in San Diego could help someone take legal action after being denied for a reentry permit.

Speak with a San Diego Reentry Permit Attorney Today

Failing to properly apply for a reentry permit can have serious consequences on your immigration status. If USCIS denies your application, you may not be able to reenter the United States when you return from traveling abroad. A San Diego reentry permit lawyer could assist you with completing your application and safeguard your ability to return to the United States.